Get your copy of Exponential Organizations V2

We will be publishing the Second Edition of Exponential Organizations at the end of Q2 of 2021. This is your opportunity to support the publishing of this book.

You can contribute and get your name included in the book and you can pre-purchase a book for $20*.

  • If you choose $100 you will get 6 books.
  • $250 will get you 15 books
  • $500 will get you 32 books
  • $1000 will get you 70 books

If you run an organization and want to ensure that you can implement ExO then make a $50 000 contribution and this will get you 100 copies of the book, a one day workshop with Salim Ismail and 6 months of coaching with a certified ExO Sprint Coach.

*All contributions do not include postage we will do our best to keep the postage costs low and will look at potential pick up options that are free.