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We will be publishing the Second Edition of Exponential Organizations at the end of Q2 of 2021. This is your opportunity to support the publishing of this book.

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If you run an organization and want to ensure that you can implement ExO then make a $50 000 contribution and this will get you 100 copies of the book, a one day workshop with Salim Ismail and 6 months of coaching with a certified ExO Sprint Coach.

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We are taking a best seller and we aim to make it living, practical and applicable to our society. Post COVID-19 we are all realising that technology has many advantages but it is our humanness that will ensure that we create a better future. 

The ExO Model is a way to create purposeful organizations that have an impact that is 10X their traditional peers. What does 10X impact mean?

Improvements in customer satisfaction

10X profit & returns

Less impact on the environment


Better education


The collaboration will take place in a number of global event happening on the dates below.

Why the world is now Exponential and why you need an MTP

17 December 2020

The SCALE Attributes

18 February 2021

The IDEAS Attributes

11 March 2021

Implementing ExO Part 1

1 April 2021

Implementing ExO Part 2

22 April 2021

Bringing it all together

6 May 2021

Book Launch

3 June 2021

Book Published Party

1 July 2021

Previous Events

Surviving the School Year

ExO World: Now

ExO World: SBS

“I have found ExO concepts to be extremely valuable. I’ve made the book required reading for Senior Management and we are implementing many of its principles.”

– Paul Polman, CEO at Unilever

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